Cyber Safety Presentations for Southmont Schools

In collaboration with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, Southmont Schools will provide Cyber Safety presentations for all students 3-12 and for our parents and the community on Thursday, November 16th.  The Indiana ICAC Youth Educators program provides age appropriate Cyber Safety presentations to help reach our youth before they become victims, to provide help to those who have already been victimized and mitigate the potential for acts of school violence committed due to online victimization.  Presentation points for students include:

• What it means to be a good digital citizen
• What is inappropriate content online
• How to protect personal information
• Why students should never agreee to meet with someone they meet online
• How to address cyber bullying
• Information regarding online child sexual solicitation, extortion, and production of child pornography (middle and high school students)
• Information regarding radicalization (middle and high school students)

Parents and members of our community are invited to attend a special presentation in the Southmont High School Auditorium on November 16 from 7:00-8:00 p.m. as well.

For more information, please contact your building administration.