Policies and Agreements

All students, staff and patrons using the technology resources provided by Southmont Schools are expected to adhere to basic guidelines of acceptable use and agree to do so under the following stipulations.

2019 Technology Handbook

Digital Citizenship

All students are required to be responsible consumers of technology and information.  All devices issued by the district should be used for educational purposes only and students should adhere to all policies set forth.  While working in a digital and collaborative environment, students should always conduct themselves as good digital citizensh by adhering to the following:

  • Respect Yourself
  • Protect Yourself
  • Respect Others
  • Protect Others
  • Respect Property
  • Protect Property

Southmont Schools utilizes specific digital citizenship lessons at each grade level, created by Common Sense Media, to assist students in becoming good digital citizens.  A copy of the curriculum used can be viewed at any school buliding.  Parents may also use material from Common Sense Media by navigating to their website at https://www.commonsense.org/education/digital-citizenship.

Responsible Use:  Technology, Internet and Social Media

Use of district-owned technology and the Internet shall be consistent with Southmont Schools goal of maximizing the potential of every person every day by facilitating resource sharing, innnovation and communication.  Failure of any user to follow the terms of the Responsible Use Policy will result in loss of privileges, disciplinary action and/or appropriate legal action.  A more complete explanation of this policy can be found in the technology handbook.

  • Privileges - the use of district-provided network, communication and wireless services is a privilege, not a right.  Inappropriate use will result in the cancellation of those privileges.
  • Prohibited Use - you are responsible for your actions and activities online.  Examples of prohibited use include, but are not limited to:  use of the network for illegal activity, actions that violate school or district policy, unauthorized downloading of software, use of the network for private/commercial gain or advertising, gaining unauthorized access to resources including the accounts of others, invading the privacy of others, cyberbullying, spamming, accessing/submitting/posting/publishing/displaying inappropriate material, attempting to disrupt the normal operation of network services and attempting to bypass network safeguards.
  • Network Etiquette - be polite, use appropriate language, do not reveal personal information for yourself or others, do not engage in spamming.
  • Personal Safety - do not post personal contact information, do not agree to meet someone you have met online, disclose to a trusted adult any messages you receive that are inappropriate
  • Due Process - your accounts are not private and are monitored by district staff
  • Vandalism & Harassment - malicious/intentional attempts to harm/steal/destroy equipment or data or harassment of other users will not be tolerated.

Use Agreement:  School- and Student-Owned Technology

Southmont Schools expect students to abide by procedures and expectations that are designed to ensure maximum productivity and benefit from the technology access provided to them.  The following guidelines will govern use of all district-owned devices while a student is enrolled in our district.  A more complete explanation of this policy can be found in the technology handbook.

  • Students are responsible for the care and maintenace of the device while it is assigned to them.  Students are not to alter, damage, change or otherwise deface the device, case, carrying case, cord or charger.
  • Students are to keep the device inteh supplied case (iPad) at all times, or in the caryying case (Chromebook) when not in use.