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English Language Learner Services

All schools are required to administer a Home Language Survey (HLS) to identify the first (native) language(s) of all students enrolled in the school corporation. The Home Language Survey gathers the first (native) language of the student, the language most often spoken by the student, and the language most often spoken at home.  This information is collected during the school registration process.  

Southmont Schools provide English language support to all students whose home language is one other than English. Our goal is that the students will have access to the general education curriculum and be provided any supports necessary to become English language proficient.

English language learners are assessed using the WIDA Screener and WIDA ACCESS test to determine their English proficiency level.  WIDA stands for World Class Instructional Design and Assessment. The data collected from these assessments is designed to help our teachers provide high quality instruction and an equitable education. 

Our teachers, principals, and school support staff partner with parents to create Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) for students who are learning English. Students who have English as a second language are served in the general education classroom (unless superseded by a special education plan, alternative school plan, or another matter that changes the student's placement) and provided with accommodations and support as needed.

When a student scores a Level 5 or Level 6 on their WIDA ACCESS Test, then the student is becoming proficient in English.  The student will enter a two year required monitoring process.  During the monitoring process, achievement data will be collected and analyzed for growth and a transcript or report card will be reviewed.

Questions regarding our processes for serving English Language Learners can be directed to your building principal or to our Director of Student Services.